About us

Horizon Designs founded in 2003 dedicates itself to adding value to individuals. This accomplished by engaging in reflective discussions in interactive workshops and writings. It helps people to keep developing and enhancing skills through influencing perceptions to enable them to utilize their potential to the maximum in that way making their lives better.

Horizon designs is here to help you get in touch with yourself. We intend to provide you an outlet to explore your interests, deal with your emotions, clarify your future goals, find answers to personal concerns through understanding the way you think and make maximum use of your abilities.

We serve the people we come in contact with by assisting them to fulfill their potential through maximum use of their talents and abilities, helping them focus on discovering and fulfilling their purpose in life.  In serving their success our purpose will be met. We use our talent to produce material that will serve many and we spend time talking to those who need us. We believe they need a specific flavor of help that we can provide. It starts with reaching one person and helping them clarify their values, and by making a difference in the lives of different people we feel it would serve our purpose well.

We intend to instill in our readers the passion for a fulfilling life through being the best they can ever be. You will be inspired and challenged to do more than just learn. You will be equipped to live your life with a consciousness that will mean you are aware, intentional and focused. The way you were originally intended to live. We are intent on helping you learn the practical, straightforward skills that will help you use your talents and genius exceedingly well to achieve your life goals.

The material here could help you become exceptionally effective, be good at what you do whether a student, an employee, manager, or simply someone who wants to bring improvements to his or her life. Being successful at what you do will influence your life at family level, as a student or at work. Strive to do your best and conquer new horizons. Open up your world by experiencing the power within you, what it can do and make you and those you influence achieve. We believe that everyone can succeed at anything they set their minds to achieve.

 About the authors

Daniel Mashimbye

Daniel Mashimbye is founder, trainer presenter of ‘Every human being has a problem’. Dan’s belief is that people in general do have problems in some areas of their lives. We know that emotions rule our lives. Dan’s focus is on emotional management that provides us with the skills to solve the insolvable problems in business, professional, personal and social lives. A good emotional management will lead to positive mental attitude – students will pass examinations, business people will win and keep customers, church leaders will grow their congregations, teachers and trainers will deliver, farmers will feed nations, etc.

Dan’s background includes training in marketing and sales management, public relations, Human resource management, a one-time student of Mind power program, owner and Presenter Trainer of international network marketing. As an entrepreneur for 28 years, he is now looking forward to directly impacting people positively on problem solving.

Keleapere Maggie Chalebgwa

After earning her Master of Education from Leeds University, UK, Maggie Lectured at a Teachers College and then went on train serving teachers before leaving to start a small publishing company and writing books. She has been writing and editing books and works by others

Maggie’s focus is on helping people’s talents and abilities shine so that they thrive in what they do within the workplace. She is intent to help individuals maximize their contribution, learn to accept their valued reward as satisfaction from their careers.  During her career Maggie has closely worked with hundreds of people, mainly teachers, whose lives and careers were deeply affected by the call for improvements in the practice of teaching to bring about quality learning. She worked diligently embracing the mission of helping people develop and adapt personally and successfully take on new challenges. She used her experience and expertise to design specialized program to help the youth use personal strengths to change from drifting through life to focusing on using opportunities available to them to the maximum. Participating youth are assisted to learn the simple, practical skill for them to excel, through the program ‘every human being has a problem’.

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